Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy

Expert strategy for high-growth tech scale-ups in the UK who are ready to start thinking longer-term about the success of their business, and move out of their scrappy startup status.

Research, workshops and development focused on core value proposition, mission vision purpose, values, positioning, messaging, audience targeting, and priority media activities.

– Deep dive including kick-off session and marketing review
– Desk research and customer interviews
– Team workshops with key stakeholders
– Offline strategy development and creative brainstorming for presentation
– Refine and deliver before planning & tactical stages

Creating a successful brand that will stand the test of time and secure your market positioning requires a lot more than a well-designed logo. It needs a carefully considered and developed brand strategy: a reason for being which sits at the centre of your brand and from which you create experiences and messages that resonate with your audiences. We combine a thorough understanding of your marketplace and your business with our expertise to know when to challenge and to question, and remain focused on problem-solving and inspiring positive change.


Experience Brand Strategy Services

Our Brand Strategy Services look at your business holistically – including the challenges it faces across touchpoints. We design a strategic approach for how your brand should behave across its entire marketing ecosystem.

The goal is to increase the effectiveness of your brand as a whole, so your brand can ultimately become an Experience Brand. Our approach includes:

  1. Creating a Brand Experience framework
  2. Establishing portfolio planning and tracking
  3. Designing a measurement and analytics plan

Differentiate and dominate – Well branded companies are category leaders.

Increase your market cap – Strong brands are a balance-sheet asset.

Attract high value customers – Branded purchases have higher price tags.

Improve HR function – Branded employees create culture and churn less.

Increase loyalty – Branded purchases yield more repeats and referrals.

Increase advocacy – People love brands that improve their social currency.

Lower marketing costs – Compelling brands require less media.

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